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Greetings fellow Huskies,

After three years of serving this wonderful organization, it is my greatest pleasure to serve as Indonesian Student Assocation at University of Washington (ISAUW) President for 2017-2018. Over the years, ISAUW has successfully organized events in Seattle and Indonesia, such as Sea Through, Batikful Indonesia and KERATON: Indonesian Festival. But great events do not come by themselves for there is always a great team behind them.

Our officers have been the main factor that makes the foundation of our organization strong. With the expectations and responsibilities as college students, it would be a challenge but also an achievement to serve as an ISAUW officer. To be in an organization, it is not only about creating new bonds with those you might call family in the future, but also unleashing your potential and exploring your capabilities to a whole new level like you never imagined.

With this, I extend the invitation to you to apply for ISAUW 2017-2018 Cabinet. Following is the information regarding our organizational structure and job descriptions of available positions.

You are required to fill in an application. Please make sure that you study the cabinet, answer a few questions below and submit your responses before 11:59 PM (PDT) on October 7, 2017.

Please note that only current University of Washington students are eligible to become an officer and you will not be an officer of another Indonesian Association in Seattle. In addition, to complete this application process, there will be an interview to a short list of candidates after further consideration.

Thank you,


Alexander Mario
ISAUW President 2017-2018


ISAUW 2017 - 2018 Organizational Structure

Position and Job Descriptions


Event Organizers

Inventory & Logistics

Creativity Management





Marketing Communication

Documentary and Design

Information Technology